The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education that incorporates gentle movement and mental focus to improve flexibility, coordination, and fluidity of motion. These improvements also often affect functioning in other aspects of your life.

The Method enables you to become more aware of your chronic muscular tension patterns and movement restrictions. By increasing awareness of movement and tension patterns, the Feldenkrais Method assists you to release tension and stress so that you can live life more fully, efficiently, and comfortably.

At The Art of Control® at Synergy Health and Fitness Center, we offer private sessions in Feldenkrais called Functional Integration. These one-on-one sessions offer gentle hands-on guidance for movement to give you an opportunity to explore your own healing and recovery. We also offer a small group class format, called Awareness Through Movement. During these group classes, the Feldenkrais teacher verbally leads you through a sequence of movements in basic positions such as lying, sitting, or standing.

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Simona Cipriani attended the Feldenkrais Guild’s training in New York City from 2005 to 2009 under the tutelage of Frank Wildman. Since that time, she has been working with clients utilizing both private Functional Integration sessions and Awareness Through Movement small group classes. Ms. Cipriani is also a Pilates instructor and licensed massage therapist, but recognizes that the Feldenkrais Method is often more effective for clients who respond to a gentler approach.