Yoga is for the whole person. While it is common to think of it as a method of stretching the body, it is much more. In fact, yoga was originally developed in India as a way to calm the mind. Physical postures were only used to settle the body down, so that people could sit for meditation, which was the ultimate goal. In modern times, we tend to forget this, and doing yoga is mistakenly seen as being able to do fancy and difficult-looking poses. In keeping with its true tradition, however, yoga is much more than that, and does not require that a person be flexible to practice it. In fact, all that is needed to do yoga is a desire to calm the body and mind, along with a willingness to move slowly, with precision and focus.

There are many different styles of yoga, and most combine the practice of certain physical postures along with the controlled use of the breath. These movements, coupled with a specific way of breathing, function to strengthen and calm the body. Poses can range from vigorous and athletic, as practiced in the Ashtanga or Kundalini traditions, to more moderate movements done in the Kripalu and Viniyoga styles, to the extremely slow and precise placements of the body that characterize the Iyengar style. Regardless of the intensity of the physical movement, the most important part of any yoga practice is the use of the breath to deepen the poses, and sometimes to link them together. It is the breath combined with posture that provides the calming tonic to the mind.

At the end of most physical yoga practices, there is either a period of rest or a meditation, or sometimes both. This is the culmination of the practice and, according to many experts, the most important part, as it is when the body settles down and the mind begins to move toward a state of calmness.

At Synergy Health and Fitness Center, yoga classes are conducted privately or in small groups, so that clients can benefit from the personal attention of a trained teacher. Practices are adapted to fit the needs of the client and all levels of experience are welcome.

Francine Morina has been passionate about physical fitness, nutrition, meditation, and yoga for most of her life. She was introduced to Pilates in 2000 and soon after became inspired. She received her USPA teacher certification in 2009 as an Instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method. Fran believes strongly in the mind and body connection that Pilates brings to the individual incorporating positive and appropriate intentions to each student and session that she teaches.

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